Maximize revenue in every Transaction

Embedded E-Commerce Marketing Technology

A SaaS-enabled platform helps companies to improve their average transaction value by monetize their post-checkout pages through a simple plug-and-play design, to add personalised ads and offers from advertisers and partner brands.

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Double Your Profits

Integrate with our E-commerce marketing solution to increase your transaction value



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Unlock new revenue

Effortlessly add personalized offers to your site through our ecosystem of high-quality advertisers.

Increase avg cart value

Upsell relevant products and services from your brand or a trusted partner.

Grow customer lifetime value

Engage customers with relevant, personalized campaigns, loyalty programs, and more.

How it works

OFFERAYA recommended offers using your partner network business

  • A customer completes a transaction

  • OFFERAYA optimizes the transaction, serving the right offer & message to each customer

  • Customers engage with the offers, unlocking new streams of profit & driving brand loyalty


Find out how your business can unlock new revenue stream through partner network


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