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2 important challenges in Small Business Partnership Program

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

In today's age of digital and social media, most merchants fail in converting their marketing spends on social media into real customers. As the audience can be vague and scattered. It's highly important to target the right audience which is suitable to your product or services to increase the success rate, and increase brand visibility on the correct platforms among right audience.

One of the time tested method is cross promotion and brand partnership.

However, there are two challenges in the above

  1. Approaching brands & other businesses

  2. Execution

To approach other brands for cross collaborations , requires a network of team and time, most of the SMB's do not have it or cannot afford it. Sometimes inspite of having a team one is not able to approach all relevant brands or might miss out on some due to non awareness and lack of tools.

Coming to the execution part, most businesses execute collaborations via physical coupons across the partnered brands which is a cumbersome process for both the customer and the business.

  • Physical coupons are not scalable if you happen to collaborate with multiple / many businesses . Neither the business nor the clients can carry so many different coupons.

  • With physical coupons it is difficult to keep track of all customers and measure the success of collaboration.

In this entire process , the idea of collaboration fails as both parties over period of time loose focus and motivation, due to inefficient execution.

OFFERAYA takes care of both the challenges. It offers a digital platform to businesses where they can easily partner up with other businesses without any hassle. You can say it is like a Tinder for business partnerships, where they can connect with other brands & create irresistible deals to be mutually shared across the wide pool of shared customers, thus multiplying your brand's reach, improving sales & boosting revenue.

OFFERAYA believes in the following philosophy "Alone is Limited and Together is Limitless". We understand how beneficial partnership can turn out and how much they can positively impact your business. We are here to execute the above vision for your business , making you grow stronger together.

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