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5 challenges with paper coupon based brand partnership program

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

It is important to know, a lot of brands are utilising paper coupons for their promotions. But just printing out paper coupons does not guarantee greater sales. There are several challenges that you need to be aware of, especially when you decided to participate in a coupon-based brand partnerships program with a business.

In our experience, following are 5 main challenges with paper coupon based brand partnership program:

  1. Design & Printing Cost: Though it looks a small amount initially but over a period of time it can stretch your market budget. Consider a case, where you want to float coupons every month depending on the season or occasion, every time you need to bear the cost.

  2. Distribution Challenges: Since the whole partnership is based on mutual understanding and agreement, it becomes really challenging over a period of time in distributing paper coupons.

  3. Customer Preferences: Post distribution, the chances of customers misplacing the coupon is very high as people don’t like to carry paper coupons in their wallet.

  4. No data insight: Without tangible insight into the number of coupons distributed and redeemed, you won’t be able to evaluate if this is working for your brand or not.

  5. Changing offer cost: In case merchants want to change the offer, they need to repeat the whole process again which required money and time.

To conclude in the end, a paper coupon based brand partnership program is good but it requires a lot of manual work, time and motivation from partners to make it successful. However, with mobile penetration in the market, the same thing can be achieved efficiently, with lesser cost and time through technology solutions.

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