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Tinder for Business Partnerships

We all know how Tinder transforms the life of millions of millennials. The secret sauce was definitely the swipe feature , which keeps the user engaged, interested and makes the whole process fun and easy. Psychologically also, as a user, you are not worried about who rejected you or who you tried to reach, rather the whole focus is on who is next.

In nutshell, the whole idea of Tinder is to keep discovery of potential connections nearby simple and easy.

On a similar note, businesses also like to partner up with other businesses to enhance their brand visibility and thus grow their business. However, to lookout for a potential partner is very tedious and exhausting. Most of the time, it requires a team, manual exploration and time to build a partnership with any business. Because of that, most businesses are unable to take advantage of the power of partnership for their business.

OFFERAYA understands the challenges and pain in finding a right partner for your business. To address the issues, OFFERAYA offers a mobile app where businesses can

  1. Create their business profile

  2. Discover businesses around their location

  3. Connect to build meaningful business partnerships

The best part is that all of the above happens just over a single click, saving your time , effort and money.

PS: Currently, the partnership is executed using digital offers, however, we are soon planning to launch partnerships execution based on rewards, gifts, monetary incentives and API integration.


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