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OFFERAYA Reward Exchange: The power of 1 + 1 in business

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

We understand, merchants are in constant pressure to work on getting new customers and at the same time working on delivering best service to their existing customers. However, as merchants we know 80% of our customers are located near to our business location, i.e. either they are living near by or they are visiting near by businesses for various reasons and interest. The question is how as a merchant I can tap on these customers?

Following could be possible ways:

  • Running Facebook/Instagram campaigns, however it required good amount of money for limited successful return.

  • Distributing paper coupons in near by locality, however, this required lot of manual work and time. Also, there is no way you get insight on how successful is it.

Considering the above, the whole of aim such exercise is to get more visibility and getting new customers for a businesses.

OFFERAYA provide an alternative solution to same problem which will bring:

  • more visibility

  • more new customers

  • reduce your existing marketing budget

What OFFERAYA Reward Exchange doing different?

We believe in 1 + 1 = 11, i.e. when two forces join together they can bring more impact. OFFERAYA enable merchants to collaborate/connect with like minded potential businesses partners to create your their own merchant network to help them to acquire new customers and increase their brand visibility through their partner brands customer base, i.e. tapping to your partner brands customer base to grow your sales and revenues.

In nutshell, OFFERAYA enable merchant to :

  1. connect with like minded potential businesses partners to create their own trusted merchant network to acquire new customers.

  2. create a one irresistible offer/coupon that their partner brands can share it with their customer base to help them get new customers.

  3. share offers of their network to their customer base to help their partner brands to acquire new customers.

  4. monitor and track the growth and performance of their merchant network

To conclude, OFFERAYA is a platform which provide valuable opportunity to merchants to collaborate with other merchants around their location, build partnership and their success stories together.

Download the app from the following url and start growing your businesses:

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